NJ Fertility Acupuncture Clinic Testimonial

“My husband and I have a deep respect for Dr. Kim’s regimen. We will always believe that her attention to detail and care played an integral role in making us “mommy and daddy.” Thank you Dr. Kim and staff. We love you!”

Stephanie G.*

I don’t just believe, I know that Dr. Kim’s treatments work.2023-03-14T21:17:43+00:00

I don’t just believe, I know that Dr. Kim’s treatments work. She knows what she is doing and understands Eastern medicine and its restorative properties. I know that without Dr. Kim, we would have never been able to have the quality of eggs I was able to produce for my twins to be born. Western medicine alone is not always enough, it wasn’t for me. Over the years of trying to get pregnant, I read books, and articles, attended seminars, retreats, workshops, and whatever it took to find the answers to my issues. I saw women in my position, some of who had undergone 10, 12, and 15 IVF cycles. Some had a tremendous ovarian response and were able to bank countless embryos, and yet were still plagued with the inability to get pregnant. I will always believe it was the quality, not quantity, of my embryos that resulted in my children being born. And that my embryo quality came from all the goodness that was given to my body through Dr. Kim’s treatments, herbal medicine, and knowledge of what is best for the body.
We love you, Dr. Kim. And we thank God for your work and the blessings that you helped make happen in our lives.

– Rona D.*

I’m so greatful that God let me to Dr.Kim2023-03-14T21:20:13+00:00

I just turned 41 years old, I have had 2 miscarriages in 2 years, both at 6 weeks. Both natural pregnancies. My doctor at the Fertility Clinic told me she didn’t advise me to do IVF because the chances of it working was very low, due to diminished ovarian reserve and low egg quality. Another doctor told me I wasn’t going to be able to keep a pregnancy due to low progesterone. All this had me feeling sad and hopeless, seeing the possibility of becoming a mom and having a family as something that wasn’t going to happen for me.

I had been looking into Fertility Acupuncture and in December 2019, I came across Dr. Kim on Google, read all the testimonies and with faith and hope, decided to give it a try.

First visit, she took her time getting to know me and explaining the treatment. I started seeing Dr. Kim twice a week for acupuncture, following all her recommendations with herbal medicine, supplements and fertility diet and after just 2 months, I got pregnant naturally.
I continued seeing Dr. Kim until my 16th week. It’s now August, and I’m carrying a healthy baby girl in my womb at 29 weeks.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Kim, for her knowledge and kindness. She is very caring and supportive. I also truly believe her herbal medicine made my eggs and reproductive organs strong enough to carry this pregnancy long term. I recommend Dr. Kim to anyone experiencing problems to conceive a healthy pregnancy.

Thank you so much Dr. Kim.

Sophia D*

Amazing!!!!! I was under the care of Dr. Kim for 2 years.2023-03-14T21:25:40+00:00

Amazing !!!!! I was under the care of Dr. Kim for 2 years. Prior to seeing her I had failed 3 IVF cycles due to low ovarian reserve. I was 40 when I started seeing her as a patient . I was advised that I had a < 1% chance of having my own child. My doctor told me an egg donor was my only option. I am a physician and had a patient with the same diagnosis who succeeded in getting normal embryos under Dr. Kim’s care. I decided to invest my time, money, and faith in her. commuting to her plan of care I finally had a successful ivf cycle with a normal embryo. Against all odds I gave birth to my perfect little girl in August. Dr Kim has real gift she has a rare knowledge that few possess to improve egg quality. I have referred several patients to her and many have had similar success. She will not take a patient if she feels her treatment will not help her fertility. She is honest and truly cares about her patients. She advised me from the beginning I may not succeed and I was a very difficult case. I am so thankful I decided to try despite her cautions. The time it took and the cost was worth my priceless daughter. I will forever be grateful to Dr Kim she is an angel. She makes miracles possible. Julia D.*

I wanted to let you know that this past August 31, I had my little girl Ella Sofia.2023-03-14T21:26:21+00:00

I am forever grateful to you, and I couldn’t have achieve my dream without your expertise and help. You are an angel and I’m forever grateful to you!!! Words cannot express my gratitude. I am attaching my testimony so it can help others find hope when they are struggling to keep the faith like I did during this Journey. Hope all is well, and best wishes. May God bless you and your family always.
I’m forever grateful to Dr. Kim for making my dream of becoming a mom a reality!! I remember the first time I went to Dr. Kim for my initial consultation, she was very kind and empathetic and before I left she told me not to worry that you will bring a baby home…. And a little over a year later I brought a beautiful baby girl home!!! I went to Dr. Kim initially for acupuncture to improve my fertility. I was 38 years old and was considering freezing my eggs at that time, and wanted to try anything I could to improve my egg quality. Dr. Kim recommended me a doctor at RMA to help me in my pursuit. I discover that I had a low AMH , was started to get worried that my dream of becoming a mother might not happened. I started the Chinese herbs and continue with acupuncture treatments twice a week. My doctor then recommended an IUI , and I agree. To my surprise, it worked the first time, and seven months after starting seeing Dr. Kim I got pregnant. I will be forever grateful to her for her dedication, knowledge, empathy, and warmth. She has a gift and is an angel that has helped so make women like me achieve the ultimate dream of becoming a mother. Forever grateful!

Patricia C.*

I was 43 years old when I was referred to see Dr. Kim.2023-03-14T21:28:37+00:00

Before seeing her, I had gone through 5 IVF cycles that all ended with abnormal embryos or early term miscarriages. I was at a loss. We had my daughter naturally at the age of 37 so it was so frustrating and defeating that we had so much trouble getting pregnant again. But so much time had passed and I truly believed that the only way I was able to get pregnant again was through IVF. I kept trying and trying, pumping all those chemicals in my body, but my body just didn’t react well with the artificial process. I had nearly given up but I was convinced by a friend to see Dr. Kim as one last attempt. The idea was to prepare for one last IVF cycle (I was at my lifetime maximum with my health insurance company) – to get my body healthy and to get my eggs as healthy as possible. The plan was to go through a 6 month treatment of acupuncture and herbal medicine and then do one last IVF cycle. I went two times a week and drank herbal medicine every day, twice a day. After each week of treatment, I felt my body cleaning out of the chemicals that were lingering from the IVF cycles and my body started to come back to life again. I started feeling physically stronger and had more energy. Although Dr. Kim advised against intercourse during the treatments, three months into it my husband and I drank a little too much wine one night while celebrating a birthday and got busy. I missed my period the next month and realized I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think it was possible. There was a question of whether 3 months of treatment was sufficient so just in case we continued on until I was 14 weeks pregnant to assure a successful pregnancy. Dr. Kim’s acupuncture treatments, herbal medicine and general care for my wellness is what made my dream of having a second child come true. Today, I have a healthy baby boy and he is doted on by his big sister! Our hearts are so full for both of them. My family feels complete and I have no doubt that it was because of Dr. Kim that my second child was born. I am so grateful that I invested my time, money and hopes in her.”
Anastasia H.*

I began seeing Dr. Kim after one failed IUI and an unsuccessful IVF cycle.2023-03-14T21:29:06+00:00

It was determined that not only did I have diminished ovarian reserve, but also an issue with egg quality. I was devastated, angry and desperate for answers. After a lot of research, I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands, and do everything possible to improve my egg quality before completing another IVF cycle. It was at that time that I found Dr. Kim. I began seeing her twice a week for acupuncture, and followed all of her recommendations, including the herbal medicine, taking various supplements, and changing my diet by eliminating caffeine, alcohol, dairy, and sugar. After three months of treatment Dr. Kim encouraged me to begin trying for a natural pregnancy. We agreed that if I wasn’t pregnant after six months that I should go back to my RE to begin an IVF cycle. Much to my surprise, I got pregnant naturally the second month we tried, after only four months of starting Dr. Kim’s treatments! I continued seeing her for weekly acupuncture sessions throughout my first trimester, and delivered a healthy baby boy this past September. Throughout my entire journey Dr. Kim was always calm and reassuring, something I desperately needed. She kept the faith when I often couldn’t see the finish line. My husband and I are eternally grateful for Dr. Kim; she played an integral role in helping us to achieve our dream of becoming parents.
Miriam R. 3/26/2019 *

After 5 years of unsuccessful infertility treatments including 5 IUIs, 4 IVFs…2023-03-14T21:30:25+00:00

After 5 years of unsuccessful infertility treatments including 5 IUIs, 4 IVFs, and 4 different doctors and clinics I turned to Dr. Kim. At that point I was very tired and frustrated but with some hope that I can conceive despite hearing that I have less than a 1% chance of conceiving and that I should pursue other alternatives including donor egg donations.
When I first started infertility treatments I was in my late 20s. My infertility was unexplained for 2 years. Later I was diagnosed with asymptomatic endometriosis and low ovarian count.
When I met Dr. Kim she was very nice, kind, and nurturing. With her gentle support and prayers, I learned to believe that I will be pregnant. After hearing my story she agreed that my chances of getting pregnant would be less than average but with dedicated treatment for 9-12 months with both acupuncture and Chinese medicine I may be able to improve my egg quality and conceive either naturally or through IVF. I went for acupuncture treatments twice a week and was drinking Chinese medicine 3 times a day in addition to following the diet recommended by Dr. Kim. Nine months into my treatment Dr. Kim has suggested that based on my improved composition and pulse I may consider IVF.
I was pregnant following the 1st cycle and had a very healthy and easy pregnancy. Five months ago I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. I will always be grateful to Dr. Kim for the miracle of his life and for fulfilling my husband and my dream of becoming parents. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kim to anyone experiencing difficulties conceiving.

Tina V.*

I am so happy to write a glowing recommendation for Dr. Kim.2023-03-14T21:30:57+00:00

I’m so happy to write a glowing recommendation for Dr. Kim. She very clearly had a huge impact on the success of my dreams to become a mother. My husband and I are high school sweet hearts, we always planned to have a big family but wanted to be responsible first. We wanted to finish school, buy a house, travel a bit and feel secure in our careers. Our parents had no issues with fertility and so we did not anticipate having any trouble trying to conceive when we decided the time was right. Much to our surprise it was not easy for us. We tried being relaxed, we tried timing with ovulation tests and charts, I even propped myself practically up on my head hoping gravity would help my husband’s sperm fertilize my eggs and still nothing. I felt my biological clock ticking and after trying for about two years I began to become very concerned. We reached out to fertility specialists and had tests run. Despite some low ranges of normal everything still came up within “normal”. I did find out that my thyroid was slightly off and took some medication to regulate that but still a year past my thyroid was testing normal and we were declared unexplained infertility patients. I felt such despair, love and family always meant so much more to me than monitory things and not being able to have the love story my husband and I shared result in a family we could teach to love and carry on our existence crushed me in a way I didn’t know it could. Thanks to Dr. Kim my story has a happy ending. I took those powerless feelings and decided to do something about it. I know dietary changes,chinese herbs,acupuncture and vitamins are sometimes dismissed by the medical field as unnecessary but to me it was a tool at my disposal and if I didn’t try everything than who could I blame but myself if my dreams didn’t come true. So it wasn’t easy but things like white flour, coffee and ice cream left my diet. At the same time I listened to Dr. Kim took a strict regimen of vitamins,chinese herbs and saw her multiple times in a week for acupuncture treatment. There was no guarantee this would work but I had to try. I put off my egg retrieval until Dr. Kim told me my body was healthy and ready. My results were amazing. My first egg retrieval prior to seeing Dr. Kim I produced over 30 eggs, they pulled 11 fertilized 10, 3 grew into 5 day embryos but after testing only 2 were normal and only grade B and C quality. With Dr. Kim’s care my second attempt at an egg retrieval resulted in 10 eggs, 4 made it to day 5 embryos after fertilization and 3 tested normal. Two frozen embryos were transfer 1 girl from my first egg retrieval prior to seeing Dr. Kim and 1 boy from my second retrieval after seeing Dr. Kim. Just a couple weeks later I received the good news that I was pregnant! With very strong numbers the doctors felt it might be twins. After just a short time I had bleeding and the doctors felt it may have originally been twins but one must not have made it. I now have a beautiful healthy baby boy with Dr. Kim’s treatments who is the light of my life. The girl from the first retrieval prior to Dr. Kim’s treatments just wasn’t strong enough. After the birth of my son I was determined to try again, I very much wanted to give him a sibling. We had 3 frozen embryos left 1 from the first retrieval without Dr. Kim’s treatments and 2 from the second with Dr. Kim’s treatments. With only enough money left for one more transfer we decided to give it our best shot and transfer the two remaining embryos that were retrieved and fertilized after seeing Dr. Kim. I’m so excited and grateful to say that I am now expecting twins! All three of the embryos after Dr. Kim’s care were so healthy that they all made it. That makes 3 babies in just two years. Our family is complete 🙂
Best Regards,

Charlotte D.*

After 4 years of trying to have a baby.2023-03-14T21:31:20+00:00

I had 2 miscarriages in a row, I am now carrying my miracle baby and I have a lot to thank to Dr. Kim. I started acupuncture treatments with Dr. Kim 2 days a week for 10 months and took her herbal medicine consistently for 6 months while I prepare for my IVF cycle. For context, I am 37 years old. IVF team retrieved 9 eggs and 4 of those eggs were great quality and PGD test was normal. My fertility clinic was thrilled with my results and I really think this had to do with the Chinese herbal medicine, Dr. Kim made for me and her acupuncture treatments. Dr. Kim is kind and thorough. She did new acupuncture points at different stages of the process. Her work was tailored and consistent. I am so glad I stayed committed to the process until my 14th week of pregnancy. I have grown really fond of her. I can wait for my baby girl to meet her. Thank you so much Dr. Kim and Team.
Ines Bim*

I cannot thank Dr. Kim enough for helping us make our dream of having children come true.2023-03-14T21:31:50+00:00

After 4years of infertility and over 35iuis we finally tried ivf. The results from our 1st round of ivf were not great, only one genetically normal embryo. Our doctor suggested we try acupuncture. So I started going to Dr. Kim 4 times a week and drinking herbal medicine. After working with her for over 6months we had only very good quality embryos. We transferred only one embryo and did acupuncture the day before and after. I became pregnant on first try. I continued with Dr. Kim after my positive pregnancy test. Complication happened and I started bleeding early in my pregnancy due to too much activity. Dr. Kim also helped me through this issue. She was so sweet and concerned and would call to check on me the days I was not coming in. With rest and acupuncture I entered my 2nd trimester and went on to have a very healthy pregnancy and we welcomed our son into the world. I went back to Dr. Kim to prepare my body when we decided to do a frozen transfer. Success again on our 1st transfer and we welcomed a little girl into our family. Dr Kim is amazing and I have referred many people to her. She is not only knowledgable but caring. She still checks in on me to make sure all is going well. With Dr Kim our dreams of a family have come true and I consider her a lifelong friend.
Joyce C.*

I started seeing Dr. Kim in July of 2017.2023-03-14T21:32:14+00:00

I knew it wasn’t supposed to be this hard to conceive. My periods showed up like clockwork. I had a good history of perfect paps, and I led a pretty healthy lifestyle. But after one year of marriage still no baby.
I knew many people that went to Dr. Kim and so I believed her techniques would help me. Upon meeting her she laid out her optimistic plan for me. I felt secure and so hopeful. The treatments were so relaxing and I truly believed with her help I could be pregnant.
I thought of my twice a week appointments almost like a little “boot camp.” Dr. Kim helped me get my body “ready” for my little miracle. I felt healthier and I can tell you from all the herbal medicine, my little boy is stronger and healthier than I could have ever imagined!
Six months later I was pregnant with my now baby boy.
Acupuncture is a miracle treatment. And Dr. Kim knows her patients and what they need.
Miranda E.*

I started with Dr. Kim after years of trying to conceive with other doctors…2023-03-14T21:32:43+00:00

I started with Dr. Kim after years of trying to conceive with other doctors and so many visits to try to find out why I couldn’t get pregnant. I was told that I would never conceive on my own. I had endometriosis, a low egg count and some other medical problems that prevented me from conceiving. The Doctors said I needed to try IVF in order to have a child but it will not happen without it. Unfortunately I did not have that kind of money so there was no way I can go that route. I gave up for quite some time and was always so depressed when I heard of anyone getting pregnant or seeing women pregnant. Ironically one of my friends was told that she would never conceive either. She was actually told she had to adopt if she wanted to have children.
She had gone to Dr. Kim and had a beautiful baby boy naturally. I took her number down to have a consultation. Dr. Kim was very honest with me about my situation. I had a lot against me, my age, my endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, poor egg quality. I was 41 at the time when I went to see her, so time was not on my side. But we worked together and I started with the acupuncture first for about a half a month then started with the herbs. I needed to drink her herbs twice a day, follow her diet and take certain vitamins and also continue to do acupuncture. She told me to relax and not to try to get pregnant until the herbs got in my body for a couple months. After one month of the herbs, I found out I was pregnant. ( I got in trouble from Dr. Kim for trying) As much as this was such great news to me being I had never got pregnant before, Dr. Kim was very concerned and worried. She said my body was not ready to carry a child just yet and I had a very high risk of a miscarriage. Well 5 weeks later I did miscarry . As sad as it sounds it was pure excitement knowing that if these herbs worked after the first month then what can I expect down the road. Dr. Kim stated not to try again until she gives me the go (this time I didn’t) Approximately another 5 months past and she said we can start trying. Well after 2 months, I got pregnant. Not only was I so ecstatic that it happened again. I had an amazing pregnancy since my body was so clean and I was so healthy from the herbs, the vitamins, the diet, etc. I delivered a beautiful baby boy, a healthy baby boy in July 2012. I am so thankful to God, to my friend who led me to Dr. Kim and to Dr. Kim for helping me to have such an amazing miracle. I tell everyone my story. I am so blessed and so happy. I even went to the Doctors office that told me “NO” to show them that I conceived on my own. He was so amazed he even asked for Dr. Kim’s business cards. I am one that was told “NO” so many times and Dr. Kim and God showed me that it was possible. Thank You Doctor Kim!!!

Chloe A.*

After about a year and half of trying to conceive I was becoming hopeless and uncertain.2023-03-14T21:33:18+00:00

After about a year and half of trying to conceive I was becoming hopeless and uncertain. My diagnosis from my GYN was one blocked Fallopian tube. I began to change my diet and I opt not to go through surgery. I wanted to try the natural way. I began doing my research and found Dr. Kim on line. I was skeptical at first but as I kept reading the reviews I decided to give her a try. I called for a consultation. At the consultation Dr. Kim was very kind, compassionate and most importantly she listening to me and my concerns. The consultation was about 45 min-1 hour long and she showed concerned but offered me aid by telling me about her protocol. I began to attend her office about 3 times a week for acupuncture and began her protocol with herbs and supplements, it was a sacrifice but I was willing to take the risk because I was desperate to become a mother and give my husband a child. At times I wanted to give up but during our visits her sweet spirit and talks about God, she told me she was the farmer which means she gets the eggs ready for conception but God blesses us with children, because I am a Christian and I believe in prayer, conversations with her helped me to not give up . A little more than a month of treatments, I told her I would start the IVF process she told me she didn’t think it was a good idea because her protocol was not complete once we are about 80%, I can start but I should not go through with it, it was too early. She was concern but I didn’t listen to her and after the long tireless process of IVF it failed and the frozen failed. I was devastated and disheartened Dr. Kim was really concerned for me. She said once we were 90% I can start IVF cycle again. Towards the ending of protocol I was tried and did not want to go through with IVF, but Dr. Kim urged me to start the process she even got me a list of fertility institute that had high success rates. After I thought about it and prayed I decided to go with one of the fertility institute she suggested along with my research, my IVF cycle was successful and I am now the proud mother of a 6 pound 13 ounces baby boy on March 16,2017. I am writing this review to let other women know that I understand your pain and sorrow but please don’t give up and pray. Sometime God sends answers to prayer and I believe Dr. Kim was an answered prayer to help me on my journey to motherhood, she is a great listener and she understands your pain and she is wonderful at her profession and loves what she does.
Sophia M.*

My husband and I cannot thank Dr. Kim enough for her expertise, knowledge, kindness and care.2023-03-14T21:33:46+00:00

After trying to conceive and starting down the road towards infertility treatments, Dr. Kim helped both my husband and I follow her protocol and begin the road to our most precious adventures, our twin boys. Dr. Kim not only has extensive knowledge about Eastern medicine and the ways to heal and strengthen a person, but she also is extremely knowledgeable about Western medicine and was able to guide and support me through my doctors appointments and help me to navigate what was best for my body based on my numbers and bloodwork. With her care, I truly believe that my husband and I were gifted the strength in our bodies to create the most beautiful of miracles, our twin boys. For that we cannot thank Dr. Kim enough. We are forever grateful.
Denise R.*

I am 38 years old, experienced 6 habitual miscarriage…2023-03-14T21:35:14+00:00

I am 38 years old, experienced 6 habitual miscarriage. It happen 4-9 weeks, happen miscarried.
I went IVF Clinic, they told me I don’t have a problems of ovarian reserve, have poor egg quality and may have chromosome problems and a weak cervix. they retrieved 8 eggs and 5 made blastocysts and 3 made after PGD test, transfer 3 embryos and got pregnant.
But same thing happened, I miscarried it again. At the time I gave it up.
I decided to go to Dr. Kim for the last resort. Dr. Kim told me poor egg quality and week reproductive organ, told me I can have a pregnancy naturally without help of IVF. I followed Dr. Kim’s protocols drinking herbs without skipping and acupuncture treatments regularly.
6 months later,
She told me try naturally, I got pregnant in two months. I had healthy pregnancy, did not have a morning sickness thanks to Chinese herbal Medicine. Now I have a healthy and beautiful baby girl. I am going to Dr. Kim’s for # 2.
Emma K.*

After approximately 3 years of trying to conceive after having a miscarriage…2023-03-14T21:35:39+00:00

After approximately 3 years of trying to conceive after having a miscarriage, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I found Dr. Kim. (Here’s my story) I had 3 IUI’s and 1 IVF that all had failed. I was ready to give up my dream of becoming a mom. But after hearing from my infertility doctor that acupuncture may help, I said that I would give it one last effort. I had nothing else to lose. (That was the last visit I had with an infertility doctor) So I went online and typed in “fertility and acupuncture” and Dr. Kim’s name popped up.
When I read the patient testimonials as well as all of the information on Dr. Kim’s website, my gut feeling told me to go and speak with her, so I did. I had a consultation with her and she explained what the regimen would consist of (vitamins, acupuncture, diet, and herbal tea). Dr. Kim was professional, patient, and her level of expertise in fertility made me feel very comfortable so I was excited to start my treatments. I had acupuncture treatments a couple of times a week and drank the herbal tea as Dr. Kim recommended. Dr. Kim was always compassionate and encouraging and always easy to talk to about any concerns or questions. After only 3 months of treatments, to my surprise,

I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I was so happy and so was Dr. Kim when I gave her the good news. I continued treatment with Dr. Kim throughout my first trimester. I had a good pregnancy and in February of 2013 I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl. I recommend to any woman trying to conceive naturally to please try Dr. Kim’s treatment before trying anything else. There is hope.

Thank you Dr. Kim.

Marie M.*

I found Dr. Kim after being told by a fertility doctor…2023-03-14T21:36:06+00:00

I found Dr. Kim after being told by a fertility doctor that I had less than a one percent chance of having a child due to my high FSH. I was determined to beat the odds. After 7 months of acupuncture, Chinese medicine,a strict diet, I underwent an IVF retrieval with a fertility doctor willing to accept me as a patient. We froze two blastocysts with our 1st retrieval. We transferred one of the blastocysts 7 months later. I’m so happy to say that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! We are forever grateful to Dr. Kim for helping to bring our little miracle into this world. I would recommend Dr. Kim to anyone experiencing difficulty conceiving.
Kate E.*

Dr. Kim is a life saver.2023-03-14T21:36:36+00:00

My husband and I we’ve been together for over 15 years and wanted to have a baby so bad, couldn’t happen naturally and after 3 failed IUI. We decided to go with IVF but wanted our chance to be greater than what the doctor told us. After lot of research and skepticism we decided to try acupuncture and traditional herbal tea. Dr. Kim is a very upbeat and encouraging person. She always want your story to be a success story and it’s not all about the money for her. I sticked with her for 1 year did our retrieval and transfer and by the grace of God I have my beautiful baby boy on January the 14th. Thank you…Thank you Dr. Kim for Everything even when I didn’t believe that would happen you were always there to support us no matter what.
Sylvia L. *

I have been married 6 years and tried to have a baby naturally for 1 year and half2023-03-14T21:37:08+00:00

I am very glad I found Dr. Kim. I have been married 6 years and tried to have a baby naturally for 1 year and half. Not being successful, I went the route many other women took—I went to an infertility doctor, who told me I have poor ovarian reserve. We attempted 4 IUI and 2 IVF procedures. Each time, we failed to retrieve eggs because the eggs were not growing and were responding poorly to the medication. My doctor told me my only hope to naturally give birth was to get a donors egg.
My husband and I thought about this alternative but after discussing the matter, we wanted to see if there was another way we could have our own baby. My friend told me about Dr. Kim and we decided to try her treatment before choosing the donors egg option. I met Dr. Kim and she told me to be patient but to follow her regimen with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments. After nine months of treatment, she said we could go ahead with the IVF procedure. When I went back for the procedure, for the first time of my life, we found that four of my eggs were growing and three of them were big enough to retrieve. I got pregnant!! Now I have a beautiful 5 months old daughter.
I want to share my story with other women who have low ovarian reserve and are told that they are poor responders to IVF medication—there is hope. I am very grateful to Dr. Kim!

Margurite G.*

I came to Dr. Kim for Acupuncture and Herbs after having gone to 3 other acupuncturists…2023-03-14T21:38:02+00:00

I came to Dr. Kim for Acupuncture and Herbs after having gone to 3 other acupuncturists in New York City. I was disappointed with the lack of knowledge and care from the 3 acupuncturists. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 years. I’ve had a myomectomy to remove a fibroid as well as stage 4 endometriosis. I also had low ovarian reserve. Before I came to see Dr. Kim, my husband and I started to consider donor eggs. Well lo and behold only after a few months of acupuncture and herb treatment with Dr. Kim, I became pregnant naturally! Along with a good, organic diet and exercise, I believe acupuncture and the use of herbs helped me get pregnant naturally.
Dr. Kim is wonderful and I would encourage all those that think it is the end of the road for them in the baby department to consider acupuncture and herbs and to go to a good, knowledgeable professional like Dr. Kim. 2 weeks ago, I delivered a healthy baby boy! Thanks Dr. Kim!!! I will definitely see her again when we try for baby #2.
Christine T.*

Mine is a long story, but a worthwhile one.2023-03-14T21:39:45+00:00

In the Spring of 2010 at 34 years old, my husband and I began trying for baby #2, after having given birth to our first child in February 2009. By July 2010 when nothing had happened, I told my OBGYN and she ordered a blood panel to be done. To my surprise, we discovered my FSH level was at 13.9. No worries, I was told. A little Clomid and I could probably easily get pregnant, but first I had to get my underactive thyroid under control. By the winter of 2010 with my thyroid in check, I underwent my first round of Clomid and an attempt at “natural” conception and it failed. My gynecologist suggested seeing a reproductive endocrinologist and gave me the contact information of one she “trusted.” In the spring of 2011, I underwent 2 failed IUI’s and was firmly told not to waste my time with IVF unless I had a donor egg. My FSH was up in the 20s, my AMH was at 0.8, and things were not looking good as my menstrual cycles began becoming unpredictable and my ovulation predictor kept telling me I was not ovulating at all.
After doing some online research, I came across the contact information for Dr. Kim. On my first visit in April of 2011, she agreed with the diagnosis of the low ovarian reserve but said we could try for natural pregnancy after 3 months of acupuncture and herbal medicine. I followed Dr. Kim’s suggested regimen of supplements and herbal medicine. Within three months, Dr. Kim’s treatment had begun to regulate my menstrual cycles and my ovulation predictor kit showed I was indeed showing all signs of ovulating again. Meanwhile, I found another, very well-regarded reproductive endocrinologist, who told us that my husband was having a morphology and motility issue. My husband began seeing Dr. Kim as well. But after 5 rounds of bloodwork over 5 menstrual cycles, the RMA doctor excused me completely from their practice. I was told that there was “no hope,” as my FSH was just too high to pursue any fertility treatment, claiming that my latest number was somewhere in the 40s.
Dr. Kim had said if natural pregnancy hadn’t occurred within 7-9 months of seeing her, I should really go to IVF if I could find a provider who would agree to do so. In early 2012, on the recommendation of a friend who had found success, I made an appointment with Valley Hospital’s Fertility Clinic and met with Dr. Ali Nassieri. He was very straightforward that there were a lot of hurdles to get through to have a successful IVF, but that they were willing to try to help me. I had to undergo all the initial tests again, showing that our only issue was my diminished ovarian reserve (my FSH was now back down in the teens), and that my husband was “perfect.” Agreeing to forgo any attempts at IUI’s again, we went straight to IVF. My first two cycles were canceled due to little-to-no response. Then, my husband discovered he would have to undergo some unexpected neurosurgery, so we put our baby plans on hold. All the while, I continued to see Dr. Kim on a regular basis and drink my Chinese Herbal Medicine and take my supplements. Dr. Kim kept me from becoming discouraged and always gave me comfort when things seemed bleak.
In July 2013, at 37 years old, I underwent my third round of IVF. The best news I had ever received was the day I was told there were 3 follicles, which developed into 3 viable eggs, and that I would indeed undergo egg retrieval for this cycle. Egg retrieval day came and they were able to get 2 viable eggs. Five days later, we had two viable embryos that we were told looked “very promising.” Dr. Kim suggested that I try to undergo at least one more cycle to have more embryos, so we froze the two we were able to get. Over the next several months, two more times I tried, but both cycles were canceled due to little-to-no response. My husband and I agreed that this was God’s way of telling us to be happy with what we had gotten, and give those embryos a chance.
In March of 2014, we signed the paperwork to have our embryos thawed. I underwent all the medicinal prep and continued to see Dr. Kim throughout. With a successful thaw, the day finally came in early April for embryo transfer. That same day, right after the procedure, I went to see Dr. Kim and had a treatment. For the next three days, I followed her instructions to get lots of rest, feet up, no heavy lifting, and acupuncture treatments. I had to return to work after 3 days of being out. Still, I continued acupuncture and sat at work as much as possible.
Dr. Kim knew by the third day that I was indeed pregnant, but because my pulse had always beat like a “pregnant” pulse, she did not tell me until nearly two weeks later. On a Sunday morning, two weeks after the embryo transfer, I took my first at-home pregnancy test. It appeared negative and I threw it in the garbage. But something told me loud and clear to go retrieve the test and have another look. I did, and was amazed at the emergence of a faint blue line indicating “pregnant.” I called Dr. Kim and she confirmed what the test was telling me, since she already knew. Each day leading up to my initial bloodwork, I continued taking at-home tests. Each day the blue line grew darker and stronger. My first bloodwork confirmed what Dr. Kim had known, I was indeed pregnant, and the Beta number indicated there was a strong possibility of twins.
After years of prayer and 4 different reproductive endocrinologists, an undying spirit of hope, determination, and faith, and the miraculous work of Dr. Kim, in November of 2014, my twins were born. I saw Dr. Kim for the first 14 weeks of my pregnancy to keep my blood flow going and my babies healthy, and when I was diagnosed with a hematoma in my placenta, I continued seeing her until 20 weeks to help shrink the potentially dangerous problem.
I don’t just believe, I know that Dr. Kim’s treatments work. She knows what she is doing and understands Eastern medicine and its restorative properties. I know that without Dr. Kim, we would have never been able to have the quality of eggs I was able to produce for my twins to be born. Western medicine alone is not always enough, it wasn’t for me. Over the years of trying to get pregnant, I read books, and articles attended seminars, retreats, workshops, and whatever it took to find the answers to my issues. I saw women in my position, some who had undergone 10, 12, 15 IVF cycles. Some had a tremendous ovarian response and were able to bank countless embryos, and yet were still plagued with the inability to get pregnant. I will always believe it was the quality, not quantity, of my embryos that resulted in my children being born. And that my embryo quality came from all the goodness that was given to my body through Dr. Kim’s treatments, herbal medicine, and knowledge of what is best for the body.
We love you Dr. Kim. And we thank God for your work and the blessings that you helped make happen in our lives.
Jude and family*

My husband and I had been married for 3 years and ready to start a family…2023-03-14T21:40:43+00:00

My husband and I had been married for 3 years and were ready to start a family. We were fairly young (my husband 29, me 28) so we thought getting pregnant would just happen. We started planning for the perfect time to conceive so the baby could be born at the perfect time…a year quickly went by…and no baby. We found out that I had a blocked fallopian tube and my husband had a very low sperm count, poor motility, and poor morphology. My OBGYN referred us to a fertility specialist who decided that IVF was our best bet to conceive. We were not anticipating such extreme measures but were pretty excited to get the process going, confident that it would lead to a pregnancy. We went to all of the classes, took shots for weeks, and finally went through the egg retrieval and the transfer.
Two weeks later we got the call we had been waiting for, but to our dismay, I was not pregnant. My husband and I were distraught. We wondered what we had done wrong to deserve such heartbreak. Upon further testing, the doctor discovered that I had a low ovarian reserve. She had told us that it may take 2 or 3 more rounds of IVF to get pregnant or we might have to consider egg donation. Through a couple of coincidences, we found Dr. Kim. We had our first consultation in December and at the time we were getting ready for another round of IVF. Dr. Kim convinced us to put a hold on IVF. So reluctantly, my husband and I began seeking treatments with Dr. Kim. We followed a strict diet and vitamin regime and took Chinese Herbal Medicine for 4 months. Dr. Kim finally gave us the green flag to start trying again. Later on that same month, I walked into the treatment room like I had every other day. Dr. Kim took my pulse, as she always does, but this time she told me to go home and take a pregnancy test. I was shocked to find out that I was pregnant!!! We just welcomed our beautiful baby boy who was born a year to the day I received my first treatment with Dr. Kim. We are so thankful that we found her and will definitely see her again when we decide to have another baby.

Grace S.*

Dr. Kim- Yes, I had a healthy, beautiful baby boy on July 22nd, almost exactly…2023-03-14T21:41:50+00:00

Dr. Kim- Yes, I had a healthy, beautiful baby boy on July 22nd, almost exactly a year after I came to you for treatment:) His name is Daniel. Please see attached a picture of the baby and my testimony. I am doing well but as you know motherhood is very demanding. I will definitely stop by with the baby in a few months. It was in July 2010 that I came to Dr. Kim’s for treatment. I was going to be 39 in a few days, and I was desperate to have a child. After trying for about 8 months, I decided to do acupuncture after my doctor told me that I should have no problem getting pregnant. I first went to a facility in New York, and after a few sessions, just decided on instinct that I didn’t want to continue because I didn’t feel like their Chinese medicine would be ‘authentic’. As destiny would have it, I was talking to a friend of mine who was trying to have a second child, and she mentioned that she was doing acupuncture and a Chinese herbal medician with Dr. Kim. I asked her if in Fort Lee, and told her that I had inquired about that place before but decided to go to the New York facility.
I then decided to give Dr. Kim a try. Dr. Kim told me that most of her patients start to get pregnant 3 months after the first treatment. I started treatment twice a week, taking the medicine. Dr. Kim was caring, encouraging, and positive. In November 2010, I became naturally pregnant-4 months after starting treatment. I remember calling Dr. Kim, she sounded just as excited as I was when I told her the wonderful news. It is now July 2011, and we have welcomed our healthy, beautiful baby boy into our lives. I highly recommend Dr. Kim-knowledgeable, the caring practitioner.

From Elaine *

My husband and I had tried to conceive our first child unsuccessfully for a year…2023-03-14T21:42:26+00:00

My husband and I had tried to conceive our first child unsuccessfully for a year. I did not have any physiological issues so my infertility was due to unexplained causes. We had tried 2 rounds of intrauterine insemination without success. I wanted to try a different approach before going to invitro fertilization. As Dr. Kim recommended, I started a regimen of her blend of herbal medicine and twice weekly acupuncture treatments. As she predicted, I was naturally pregnant by the fourth month and I continued the treatments until the end of my first trimester. Thanks to Dr. Kim we have a beautiful daughter! I recommend Dr. Kim to anyone who has been unsuccessful with conventional approaches. She is caring and very supportive throughout the entire process. My husband and I are truly grateful to her.
Jessica H.*

I am seeking Dr. Kim’s treatment for my 2nd pregnancy. Before I had my first baby…2023-03-14T21:42:55+00:00

I am seeking Dr. Kim’s treatment for my 2nd pregnancy. Before I had my first baby, I had undergone 2 IUI and 3 IVFs with 2 miscarriages. I had long suffered from PCOS and endometriosis, and nothing seemed to work. I was really heartbroken and wanted to try anything to have a baby. I finally succeeded on the 4th IVF attempt with Dr. Kim’s help. During the beginning of the pregnancy, I had placenta previa and was bleeding. Dr. Kim told me that I would be on bed rest for at least 2 months. My OB put me on bed rest and then took me off bed rest only after a few weeks. I started bleeding again, jeopardizing my pregnancy. Dr. Kim’s original advise was correct.
I ended up being on bed rest for another 2 months. Western medicine may be advanced, but I feel that it is always one step behind-your condition has to turn for the worse before you are treated. Oriental medicine, such as acupuncture, is more proactive. It is a fuzzy area of medicine-I don’t know why it works but it does. Both IVF and Oriental medicine worked hand-in-hand in my case. I could not have gotten pregnant without one or the other, and I am so happy that I got the results I wanted. There is hope out there for women suffering from infertility. I think the key is to never give up hope. I am so glad that I am seeing Dr. Kim again.

Theresa R.*

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Kim…2023-03-14T21:43:20+00:00

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Kim. I first saw her in May of 2011, after two failed IUI’s. Right from the start, I felt very comfortable with her, and I appreciated her compassion. After only 7 treatments, and a third round of IUI, I found out that I was pregnant! I continued with the acupuncture treatments throughout my first trimester, and I truly believe this was the reason for my healthy pregnancy.
Anyone having fertility issues should make it a priority to at least meet with Dr. Kim. There are just too many stories of women going through unsuccessful fertility treatments and then getting pregnant after acupuncture. I was never a believer in Eastern medicine, but I am now. There are just way too many examples of people like myself. I didn’t even need to take any Chinese herbs! If you do decide to give acupuncture a try, I would highly recommend Dr. Kim. She specializes in these types of medical issues and will give you helpful advice on achieving a healthy pregnancy. She has helped so many women like myself.

Lisa J.*

You are in good hands!When I first walked into Dr. Kim’s office…2023-03-14T21:43:43+00:00

You are in good hands!When I first walked into Dr. Kim’s office, I was devastated and emotionally drained. I had unsuccessfully gone through three inseminations and one in-vitro treatment. Dr. Kim was compassionate, honest and I appreciated her straightforwardness as she told me that was expected of me during the treatment.”You have blood stagnation. Blood is not flowing into the uterus very well”, she said. So, I followed the diet, took the herbs religiously and did as many acupuncture sessions. I started treatments in September of 2009 and was pregnant naturally by November of the same year ? a miracle indeed.
Dr. Kim said I should continue having acupuncture sessions throughout the first trimester.” It will make the baby stronger”, she would say. And it did! Isabella was born August 21st, 2010 ? my beautiful angel. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Kim for your healing hands, the wonderful disgusting herbs and your compassion.

A Forever-grateful Mom of Baby Isabella, Margaret*

This patient graduated from Harvard Medical School, is a physician…2023-03-14T21:44:26+00:00

This patient graduated from Harvard Medical School and is a physician in New York. I am a 34-year-old physician and last year experienced a painful miscarriage during my first pregnancy. After the miscarriage, I struggled with depression and anxiety for several months, and this worsened as the months went by and my husband and I were unable to conceive again. My OB physician said that at my age it could take a year to conceive again and that we should just keep trying.
I felt alone and unsupported, and I just didn’t see how I could continue on without doing something more. After 5 months, my husband made an appointment for me to see Dr. Kim. I immediately started acupuncture and herbal medicine under her kind and expert care. The combination of the treatments and her full support and devotion to helping me get pregnant helped relieve a great deal of my stress, sadness, and hopelessness. I feel that it was both her expertise in Chinese medicine as well as her spiritual guidance that helped lift me out of the most difficult time of my life. Within one month, I was pregnant again! I continued to receive acupuncture treatments through the first trimester of my pregnancy and am now entering my second trimester of a healthy pregnancy.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kim to my friends and family, and to any woman who is struggling with infertility. As a physician, I believe that acupuncture and herbal medicine provide benefits to health and fertility that traditional Western medicine cannot. The important thing is to find a licensed practitioner who is knowledgeable and trustworthy and who will not put your health at risk in any way. My husband and I did a lot of research before choosing Dr. Kim, and we are so happy that we found her!

Laura, S.*

A visit to Dr. Kim is an absolute MUST for anyone who is dealing…2023-03-14T21:45:15+00:00

A visit to Dr. Kim is an absolute MUST for anyone who is dealing with infertility issues! I cannot say enough wonderful things about her knowledge and expertise about all things and conditions related to fertility and infertility. Before undergoing any infertility treatment such as IVF, IUI, I highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Kim FIRST. I am 38 years old and, my husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year before seeing Dr. Kim. At the same time I began treatment under Dr. Kim, I was also undergoing evaluation by a fertility doctor. I had a previous ectopic pregnancy, and the fertility doctor recommended IVF, which my husband and I agreed to pursue. After 5 months of consistent acupuncture and some herbal medicine, and literally days away from beginning our first IVF procedure, I discovered that I was PREGNANT!!!!!! My husband and I were literally”saved by the bell”, or more realistically, Dr. Kim’s treatment!
I truly believe that it was because of Dr. Kim expertise and rigorously following her advice and treatments multiple times a week, that I am successfully beginning my 5th month of pregnancy today. She has given me and my husband our”miracle.” Listen to Dr. Kim, follow all her advice, and have faith and patience, and you too can be blessed with a miracle. Thank you, Dr. Kim!

Marta, R.*

My husband and I had been trying for more than 7 years to conceive…2023-03-14T21:45:40+00:00

My husband and I had been trying for more than 7 years to conceive on our own. Two years ago we went to an infertility specialist and they were unable to find an actual cause for us not to conceive. Due to many factors, we decided on IVF treatment and by the time we were ready for the process (a year and a half later, since our last visit with the specialist), our success rate was lower for several reasons; including age and elevated hormone (FSH) test. In between our visit with the infertility specialist and a year prior to the actual IVF treatment, I was introduced to acupuncture and thought after all these years, it couldn’t hurt or perhaps maybe this will be a way to increase my rate of IVF success.
I used/and followed the acupuncture, herbal tea treatment, and vitamin supplement regimen recommended by Dr. Kim up until the start of the IVF process. I’m happy to say our first try with the IVF process was a success. When my husband and I consulted our IVF specialist, he seemed to be more excited than we were. For one, the number of follicles I produced on my own actually increased over the year and the quality of the eggs retrieved were excellent. The specialist attested that this may have been due to my acupuncture treatment. I’m now 6 months pregnant and I’d like to thank Dr. Kim and her techniques for helping me to increase my chances of a successful IVF process. Unlike many Western practitioners, if you are willing, Dr. Kim also brings spirituality into practice. Therefore, with acupuncture, natural herbal remedies, and prayer I believe I’ve had an experience I’ll never forget and I recommend Dr. Kim’s services.

Liz R.*

I wanted to thank you again and share with your patients the results…2023-03-14T21:46:07+00:00

I wanted to thank you again and share with your patients the results of my acupuncture treatment when I was trying to get pregnant. I had been trying to conceive and had been seeing an infertility doctor for about one year before I asked that doctor if I could try acupuncture as well. The doctor confirmed that I could add acupuncture to my treatment and that it should not interfere with the Western medications I was taking. After about two months of acupuncture treatments by you, I became pregnant! The pregnancy went very smoothly and I gave birth to a full-term baby boy. I believe that your acupuncture treatments helped me conceive and helped prepared my body for a healthy pregnancy. As you know, I have recommended other friends to you and they have also had success in getting pregnant. Thank you for all your help and good wishes.
Sincerely, Jennifer S.*

Here’s our testimonial. Sorry for the delay. Every word of the testimonial is true…2023-03-14T21:46:27+00:00

Here’s our testimonial. Sorry for the delay. Every word of the testimonial is true. When we first met Dr. Kim, on the day we found out the results of our first unsuccessful IVF attempt, we were both not too optimistic about our chances. After 4 years of trying, we had tried all standard Western medicine treatments as well as several elective surgeries. Every doctor had the same diagnosis: unexplained. Dr. Kim’s program seemed to be different from other treatments and we were committed to do everything she prescribed however unusual it seemed. The more we got to know Dr. Kim the more her treatment made sense. Dr. Kim was very sensitive and caring. We even joked that Dr. Kim cared more than we did. After two months of treatment, we were getting ready for another IVF cycle, Dr. Kim noticed a change in my wife’s pulse and advised her to get a pregnancy test.
When we did get a test a week later, we found out we were pregnant to our complete disbelief that after 4 years we could conceive our baby they way we always dreamed of. Our daughter is now 3 months old and we all are very thankful to Dr. Kim for all your knowledge and care. Dr. Kim is a miracle worker and there is no other way to describe it. She made a miracle in our lives and we are very thankful and also blessed that we found you. Thank you Dr. Kim for helping us realize our dream.

William H *

I spent 8 years trying to conceive with my husband. We tried everything…2023-03-14T21:47:07+00:00

I spent 8 years trying to conceive with my husband. We tried everything. After talking to friends, I decided to try something new. Dr. Kim develops her own recipe of Chinese herbal medicine personalized for my husband and me based on tests and surveys that we took. I didn’t believe or disbelieve that the herbal medicine would work, but we felt that we didn’t have anything to lose. We took Chinese herbal medicine for 6 months and then amazingly, I became pregnant with twin girls!! They are beautiful and healthy. We are a very happy family now. Thank you Dr. Kim for helping us start a family! We believe the Chinese herbal medicine was integral to conceiving my twin daughters.
Susan W.*

I had been seeing Dr Kim for almost a year prior to trying to conceive…2023-03-14T21:47:34+00:00

I had been seeing Dr Kim for almost a year prior to trying to conceive. At first, I was seeing her to ease the pain of fibromyalgia. Once my husband and I decided to try to start a family, at 41 years of age, it was obvious based on my doctor’s advice that it wasn’t going to be so easy. I decided to go through IVF in order to conceive. However, I didn’t like the statistics showing probability of successful conception when a woman is over 40. So, I decided to take a holistic approach to conception. I’ve relied in the past on holistic remedies and not just on pharmaceutical approaches to health. So, I applied that to conception as well by seeing an herbalist and seeing Dr Kim to tap into the benefits of acupuncture for fertility. In addition, I kept a positive attitude and meditated to relieve stress and visualize a positive outcome. I believed that stress and lack of faith that I could become pregnant could hinder my success.
So, I attacked conception on all fronts as they say. I had gone through a couple of IVF cycles before conceiving, all the while seeing Dr Kim 2-3 times per week as a standard part of my care. Dr Kim was very reassuring and gave helpful advice and educated me on her technique to tap into the potential of acupuncture benefits on fertility. I left all treatments feeling more centered, relaxed and my body felt better than when I entered her office. I believe that all elements of my care played a hand in the fact that I conceived my twin boys; however, I think in many ways, Dr Kim’s treatments were equally important to the pharmaceutical intervention of IVF that I received (and with no side effects!)

Deborah MP*

I just wanted to share my story and give you all hope that miracles happen!!!…2023-03-14T21:48:04+00:00

I just wanted to share my story and give you all hope that miracles happen!!! I was turned down by doctors as helpless case for even trying for an IVF because my FSH has been between 18-23 in the past 4 years. I finally convinced one RE to give me a chance to try. Naturally, the RE was triumphing when the first IVF attempt failed. I begged to be given one last chance to try. I started to research how acupuncture affects infertility.
I had decided that the second IVF attempt will be my last one due to the uncomfortable, stressful and exhausting nature of the procedure. I was lucky enough to find Dr. Kim, I started doing acupuncture about 10 weeks before the begging of the scheduled IVF cycle. I did it 2- 3 times a week/60 Min per treatment. When the scheduled day came, we were very nervous and anxious to find out what the outcome was going to be. The eggs retrieved were very good quality, better than the first IVF attempt, although they were fewer, Unlikely the first time, this time all eggs fertilized and appropriate number of embryos were transferred successfully. I did acupuncture on the day of the transfer (very crucial to do it within an hour or two after the transfer) and few times in the following week. After the long 2 week wait period, we were thrilled to find out that I was pregnant! Now, few weeks later all is going well, heart beat has been detected and we are very optismistic for the future. I am very grateful to Dr. Kim for all her personal care and dedication.
She has advised me along the way and looked for my best. I followed her advice strictly. Dr. Kim is a wonderful acupuncturist. She is very knowledgeable in her field of treating infertility and makes the client feel comfortable and informed. She takes great care in evaluating the client’s issue and choosing the appropriate treatment. I would recommend her to anyone. Great heartfelt thanks, Dr. Kim!

P.A.S. New Jersey*

We like to thank you very much Dr. Kim for taking such good care of us…2023-03-14T21:48:39+00:00

We like to thank you very much Dr. Kim for taking such good care of us. The acupuncture sessions were very helpful in easing the pain to go thru such a difficult physical and emotional time during IVF cycles. And also your talks and good advice all the time were much appreciated. Even though we had our doubts in the beginning that it will work because we already had a failed cycle without acupuncture, we thought there is nothing to loose by trying something new which a lot of people recommend. The sessions gave us hope for a new start with IVF. With lots of prayers and wonderful relaxing acupuncture sessions, I got pregnant with my second IVF cycle.

I am 40 years old and my doctor told me I could never have a baby….2023-03-14T21:49:29+00:00

I am 40 years old and my doctor told me I could never have a baby. I had been married for four years, and my husband and I had been trying to conceive our entire marriage. My doctor tested me and told me that my FSH level was 45 and that it was not possible for me to get pregnant. However, I did not want to give up at that point. I felt that I had no choice but to look at alternative medicine. I came to Dr. Kim. Dr. Kim put me on a regimen of acupuncture 2-3 times a week, Chinese herbal medicine, and diet. Within seven months, I got pregnant naturally! It was a miracle. Thank you, Dr. Kim.
Michelle M.*

Dr.Kim, It meant a great deal to me and my husband that you and your husband attended our joyous….2023-03-14T21:49:55+00:00

Dr.Kim, It meant a great deal to me and my husband that you and your husband attended our joyous occasion celebrating the birth of our precious twins this past Sunday! We really appreciated that you both took the time, particularly on a Sunday, to share this day with us! We only wish that we had more time to talk then! A million thanks as well for the super generous gift and beautiful card! We really appreciate it! We could not have gotten to this place without you!
All of your care and support, both through your incredible skill as an Acupuncturist and Eastern Medicine Specialist and your kindness as a friend; all of your prayers on our behalf! You are one-of-a kind and we are very grateful! P.s. After the twins get their medical shots, we can arrange a visit! I will also send you photos via e-mail once we download them!

Angis, W.*

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